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The Kevlar Store

Over 10 Years of Unmatched Value and Quality

We are a family owned and operated small business.  10% of all proceeds are directed to charitable causes.  All products sold on our site are manufactured and processed in the United States.  We are proud of our small, niche selection of unique, high performance products. 

We do everything in our power to be responsible stewards of the earth.  About 90% of the Kevlar Store's waste is eligible for single stream recycling; the balance adds up to less than 10 pounds of municipal waste every three months.  100% of the Kevlar Store's winding and packaging facilities are powered by renewable solar and wind energy.


Further, material salvaged from show boxes, cereal boxes and other consumer goods packaging is reused for winding thread samples and short lengths.  Please don't feel short-changed when your thread arrives wrapped on a cutout from a granola bar box - it is the result of recycling in action!

Our product offering consists entirely of braided and twisted Kevlar.  We are focused on this small market segment because we believe that our product is the best available from coast to coast, and we can offer it at by far the most competitive prices in the USA.  Shop for yourself, and thanks for looking here!


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